Curator at “City of the Future”

Curator at “City of the Future”

I was invited by SP Negócios to be a guest curator at “Cidade do Futuro” (City of the Future), an event in the central área of São Paulo that gathered
workshops, talks and all types of contente regarding creativity and the future.

As the curator of the “Artists of the Future” arena, I had the pleasure to invite important names from art, fashion and design to discuss important themes with the public, regarding what is next on those working fields.

The arena had amazing contente about:

  • Social media and digital presence for artists.
  • Trend analysis regarding the fields of fashion, art and technology.
  • Upcycling and sustainable fashion.
  • The relationship between city design, sustainablity and art.
  • Activist designd.
  • We ended the day doing a collaborative piece of art, with all people attending painting a canvas together.

It was an enriching experience to organize this event with so many professionals from different fields in creativity from my country.